Italfire Heating Solutions range of Cast Iron fireplaces from Kratki,  KFdesign, Kawmet, Plamen that boasts the top designs and quality. Our professional team will make your search for a heating solution easy and enjoyable from start to finish.





Cast Iron Fireplaces

These Cast iron fireplaces are strong and durable. Cast iron retains heat and will continue to radiate heat even after the fire has gone out.

Wood-Burning closed combustion fireplaces

Wood burning closed combustion fireplace offers more than twice the heat output of an open fireplace. Closed combustion Fireplaces are highly efficient and very economical. They use approximately a third of the wood when compared to an open fire and transfer more heat back into the room rather than losing the heat through the flue outlet.

Italfire’s Cast Iron fireplace range

Italfire sells both modern and more traditional style fireplaces and stoves. There are options of Built in, freestanding, Cast iron and steel fireplaces or stoves. Italfire has a range of  freestanding corner fireplaces and 3 sided fireplaces as well as double sided fireplaces. Additionally we have corner fireplaces, 3-sided fireplaces and double sided fireplaces in our built-in fireplace range.

We also sell built in wood pellet fireplaces and freestanding wood pellet fireplaces. Pellet fireplaces provide technologies of maximum efficiency, which have minimal impact on the environment and on maintenance/use costs themselves, as well as the well-being and safety of those who use them.