Kfd – Sto M14 3F Cast Iron Fireplace



Heat output: 16kW
Heating Capacity: 224 – 400m3
Strength of materials: Cast iron
Weight: 170kg
Flue pipe diameter: 180mm

Dimensions: 891H x 691W x 470D mm

The price shown is the unit price. Please contact us for a installation quotation.

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Technical drawing

Product card

KFD STO installation and operation manual

These Cast iron fireplaces are strong and durable. Cast iron retains heat and will continue to radiate heat even after the fire has gone out. Have a look at our ranges of Cast iron fireplaces:

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The Kfd – Sto M14 3F Cast Iron Fireplace is the perfect combination of modern with the strength of cast iron. This unit is both powerful and the large glass door gives you a generous view of the flames. You will not find many freestanding fireplace that can truly produce more heat with a heat output of 16KW.

The Kfd – Sto M14 3F Cast Iron Fireplace is a closed combustion fireplace which offers more than twice the heat output of an open fireplace. Closed combustion Fireplaces are highly efficient and very economical.  You use approximately a third of the wood when compared to an open fire. You transfer more heat back into the room instead of losing the heat through the flue outlet.


KFD is a Polish company with 100% family capital. It was established in 1996, and from the beginning it is acting as a limited liability company.

The main types of its activities include production and trade. In spite of prevailing tendencies, KFD’s strategy does not mean offering the cheapest products to its customers. The company relies on the quality, reliability and professionalism in every area of its operations. More than 15 years of experience, close cooperation with suppliers that meet the highest quality criteria while maintaining optimum product costs and constant research and development works have made KFD be perceived as one of the leading Polish fireplace inserts manufacturers.

When cleaning your Kfd – Sto M14 3F Cast Iron Fireplace glass we recommend you use the Ribitech Glass Cleaning spray.