Italfires Superior brands of wood burning fireplaces and wood pellet fireplaces and accessories come from a variety of countries such as Italy, UK, Poland and other European countries. All our products are both Superior in performance and quality to other products on the market.


Italfire only offered products that are affordable and hand selected quality fireplaces and heating systems with the importance still being placed on technological research, high quality standards, improved efficiency and minimal environmental impact.

STO M14 3F 16 kw no legs

Wood-log Fireplaces

We sell built-in and freestanding wood burning, closed combustion fireplaces.

Wood Burning Closed combustion Fireplaces

A closed combustion fireplace offers more than twice the heat output of an open fireplace. Closed combustion Fireplaces are highly efficient and very economical. They use approximately a third of the wood when compared to an open fire and transfer more heat back into the room rather than losing the heat through the flue outlet.


Pellet Fireplaces

We sell Built in and freestanding wood pellet fireplaces.

Wood Pellet Fireplaces & Stoves are friendly to the environment

These Fireplaces have a computer system that ensures clean burning. This leads to a very low ash content and very low carbon emissions.  The pellet fireplaces also emit very low toxic chemicals and smoke in comparison to gas, traditional fossil fuel stoves, or wood. Pellet fireplaces are not only environmentally friendly but also very affordable compared to other sources of energy.

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