Italfire installation of Piazzetta MP973 pellet fireplace with heat ducting

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Italfire installation team on site in July positioning the ducting pipes before concrete slab is cast. This house in Stellenbosch will have the Piazzetta MP973 pellet fireplace installed with heat ducting to 5 rooms.

Italfire has a large range of modern, economical,  pellet fireplaces which are made and designed 100% in Italy. These pellet fireplaces are convenient, efficient and easy to use.

Pellet Fireplaces have a computer system that ensures clean burning. This leads to a very low ash content and very low carbon emissions  as they are CO2 neutral certified. The burnt pellets produce ash content of about 0.5 to 1 percent. These fireplaces also emit very low toxic chemicals and smoke in comparison to gas, traditional fossil fuel stoves, or wood. They are not only environmentally friendly but also very affordable compared to other sources of energy.

These fireplaces are highly popular heating devices in Europe, and they’re growing in popularity in the SA.

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