Gas Fireplaces and stoves

Italfire sells a range of Gas fireplaces from Kratki and SAfire. We sell freestanding fireplaces, drop in gas units and built in fireplaces.

These fireplaces can bring much-needed ambiance to a space. The use of gas gives you full control over how much fuel you use at a time. You easily can easily adjust the amount of gas used, and turn it off completely with the flip of a switch. They also are environmentally-friendly since you aren’t creating smoke by burning wood or other plant-based materials.

The advantage of having a gas fireboxes, stoves, freestanding units or fireplace inserts is that you can control the temperature of your room easily.

With constant loadshedding in South Africa, your fireplace will work just fine. It can provide much-needed light and warmth, even if your power goes out.

These fireplaces and stoves must be installed by a certified gas installer.

Gas fireboxes, stoves, freestanding units and fireplace inserts need to be maintained annually. Making the effort to service and inspect your gas appliances is a smart preventative measure. It reduces the risk of aggravated allergies and carbon monoxide poisoning.

For your outdoor area, Italfire sell the Kratki – Patio M Black Gas Heater or if you are looking for a Gas firepit we also have a large range for you to look at.