L’artistico – Gerico 9 Pellet Fireplace



Heat Output 9,8 kW
Efficiency: 92,7 %
Heating capacity: 137 – 245 m3
Flue dimension: 80 mm
Weight: 113 Kg

Dimensions: L 795 x P 580 x H 570 mm

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The L’artistico Gerico 9 Pellet Fireplace is temperate and discreet with a moderate surface. This insert built-in fireplace is ideal to give new life to an old hearth and give a modern air to the room.

Built-in fireplace with frontal pellet insert, simple to install, it is the ideal choice to recover an old wood-burning fireplace or to create a new one with a minimalist design.

Pellet fireplaces are friendly to the environment

The Fireplaces have a computer system that ensures clean burning. This leads to a very low ash content and very low carbon emissions as they are CO2 neutral certified. The burnt pellets produce ash content of about 0.5 to 1 percent. The pellet fireplaces also emit very low toxic chemicals and smoke in comparison to gas, traditional fossil fuel stoves, or wood. Pellet fireplaces are not only environmentally friendly but also very affordable compared to other sources of energy.


When the heat of the fire manages to shape the solidity of iron, art is born. It is precisely from this spark that Marco Baccolo in 1921, in his small artisan workshop together with his son Silvano, began a long journey that leads L ‘Artistico to the present day. An intuition that from the craftsmanship of a blacksmith first adorned gardens and cities and then warmed up the intimacy of the home walls.

Over the years, the passion for processing has found its full fulfillment in the realization of accessories for fireplaces, stoves and fireplaces.

Today Giovanni and Ercole carry on a family tradition, important not only in Italy, but also internationally.

When cleaning your L’artistico – Gerico 9 Pellet Fireplace glass we recommend you use the Ribitech Glass Cleaning spray.