Kratki – Leo 70 Built-in Gas Fireplace



Heat Output: 4.8kw
Heating Capacity: 130m³
Weight: 90kg
Efficiency: 86,4%
Flue Pipe Diameter: Coaxial 100/150mm

Gas models have to be installed by a registered gas installer. Requires a fixed LP Gas line to connect to for installation.

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The Kratki – Leo 70 Built-in Gas Fireplace is modern and luxurious closed combustion gas fireplace. It’s design offers a wide and clear view of the flames. The coaxial flue pipe systems ensure that this gas fireplace is a sealed and safe system. The sleek design comes with a digital hand held remote and realistic ceramic logs.

– Improved strength and performance with 4mm thick steel firebox.
– Closed combustion gas fireplace with radiant and natural convection.
– Balanced coaxial flue pipe ensures safety by creating a safe, sealed system.
– The fireplace turns off automatically if problems with the air-exhaust fumes, flue flow capacity or gas supply are encountered.
– CE certified, guarantees safety, health and environment protection.
– Control using a dedicated LCD remote with a built-in thermostat.
– Flame height adjustment via remote control.
– Battery powered – does not require electricity.
– Heat resistant glass withstands temperatures of 800°C.
– Includes set of ceramic logs.


The Kratki gas fireplace range pairs sleek and contemporary design with the most modern technology in gas fireplace combustion. Kratki manufactures these specialised fireplaces with thick, high quality steel and designs to conform to strict EU standards and regulations. Most importantly, the balanced coaxial flue pipe design ensures user safety by creating a fully sealed and safe system.

Each unit boasts a sizeable glass window that provides a beautiful view of the gas flames once lit. For improved safety and performance, as well as an increased lifespan, the heat-resistant glass that Kratki uses is of the highest quality. The gas fireplaces also come with a set of premium, ceramic logs that are beautifully designed to create a more realistic ‘wood fire’ effect when burning.
With very impressive technical specifications, this gas fireplace is an excellent heating solution for anyone looking for a high-performance, modern, closed-combustion gas unit.

The gas system works on both radiant and natural convection. The Kratki gas units are battery powered therefore do not require electricity. The Gas fireplace is as efficient, closed-combustion fireplace therefore releases most of the heat generated more effectively into the room for your comfort.

All the gas fireplaces in this range come with a dedicated LCD remote for easy control of the unit.

When cleaning your Kratki – Leo 70 Built-in Gas Fireplace glass we recommend you use the Ribitech Glass Cleaning spray.