Hybrid Drop-In Wood and Gas Combo Braai


Price R26995

Lead-time 2 weeks

304 Grade stainless steel

(optional extra R7990 for cooking dome)

(Optional extra R9990 for cooking dome and rotisserie)

Outer frame Size: 1470mm x 535mm

Gas models have to be installed by a registered gas installer. Requires a fixed LP Gas line to connect to for installation.

The price shown is the unit price.

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Product Specifications

How to clean your stainless steel Braai


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The Hybrid Drop-In Wood and Gas Combo Braai gives you unlimited cooking options with our dual fuel braai collection.

Whether you are masterminding a whole new dream entertainment area or its a case of out with the old and in with the new. Finding the perfect braai has never been this easy. Our dual fuel braais is a fusion of style, technology and functionality. This sleek and stylish design promises not to be intrusive. It can be neatly hidden away after you have dazzled your guests with this compact and versatile “One of a kind” Hybrid Cooker

This range of gas BBQ and charcoal drop-in braai’s takes outdoor and indoor cooking to the next level. The quality of this range of Charcoal BBQs and Gas braai’s is second to none. You will have hours of fun proudly entertaining your guest in front of these Braai’s. Expertly designed and manufactured to give you the absolute best outdoor and indoor cooking experience.

Advantages of a Hybrid Drop-In Combo

 Best of both wood/gas :


  •  Continuous Heat : Unlike a log fireplace, a gas BBQ has constant heat.
  • No Hauling: No need to buy or chop firewood which means you are not harming a tree, which in turn helps the environment.
  •  Easy to Operate: A gas BBQ is easy to turn on and off, just by the the flip of a switch unlike a wood braai that takes time to set up.
  • Environmentally Friendly: The environment benefits nicely from a gas braai because there are no fumes being released into the air, and a sound choice for the future.  Natural Gas exists and is readily available with little work to supply.


  • Wood  is a natural fuel source No nasty binding agents like you find in charcoal.
  • Easy to Light If your Let’s Braai wood is nice and dry, all you need is some tinder and kindling and the strike of a match to get the flame going. You could also use firelighters to make it easier. (You may find it challenging at first, but practice makes perfect. We promise.)
  • Burns longer Wood typically burns longer than charcoal which makes it perfect for grilling a nice big cut of meat. Our African hardwoods can burn for over an hour creating lovely hot coals while charcoal only burns for about a half-hour. It also means you can cook more in one go.
  • Brings the flavour Delicious wood-fire flavour is thanks to the organic compounds released through the aromatic smoke which permeates your meat and veggies on the grill.

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