Fair – Eco60 Freestanding Pellet Fireplace



Input 4.8 kW
Heat Output 2.2 – 4.4 kW
Efficiency: 88 – 91 %
Heating capacity: 75- 190 m3
Hopper capacity: 8 Kg
Run time max: 20 h
Exhaust size: 80 mm
Fan speed: 130 mc/h
Dimensions (WxDxH): 520x250x750 mm
Weight: 40 Kg

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Fair make and design the Eco60 Freestanding Pellet Fireplace 100% in Italy. This Fair – Eco60 Freestanding Pellet Fireplace is perfect for small – medium living spaces and medium to large bedrooms. Its has a beautiful slim design which not only looks the part in a modern home, but also has been designed to protrude only 250mm into a room to ensure the impact on your floor space is minimal, ensuring your bedroom is not impacted by a bulky appliance protruding 500 – 600 mm into your room. The Fair Eco60 Freestanding Pellet Fireplace is a economical steel fireplace.

When cleaning your Eco60 pellet fireplace glass we recommend you use the Ribitech Glass Cleaning spray.

You must use premium grade pellets in your pellet fireplace.

Pellet fireplaces are friendly to the environment

The Fireplaces have a computer system that ensures clean burning. This leads to a very low ash content and very low carbon emissions as they are CO2 neutral certified. The burnt pellets produce ash content of about 0.5 to 1 percent. The pellet fireplaces also emit very low toxic chemicals and smoke in comparison to gas, traditional fossil fuel stoves, or wood. Pellet fireplaces are not only environmentally friendly but also very affordable compared to other sources of energy.


FAIR’s mission is to spread a new concept of well-being and livability in domestic and working environments, where nature and technology come together, providing technologies of maximum efficiency, which have minimal impact on the environment and on maintenance/use costs themselves, as well as the well-being and safety of those who use them.

Made in ITALY: an important quality on all products thanks to the Italian design, engineering and construction

100%made in ITALY

Designed and built in ITALY
100% approved, qualified and certified products