TOMMY AIR 70 - L'artistico


15.5 kw | 78.8%

The Tommy Air insert is the perfect combination of modern italian design and a powerful heating system. This unit comes standard with fans, which helps to distribute heat more evenly through a room allowing you to heat much larger areas or double volume areas.


Fuel: Wood logs
Nominal output: 12,55 kW
Efficiency: 78,8 %
Heating fan: 260 m3/h
Adjustment and functioning: Power switch
Weight Net: 89,5 Kg
Electrical consumption: 66 W/h
Rated voltage-frequency: 230 V - 50 Hz
CO at 13% of O2: 0,15 %
Flue gas mass flow: 12,4 g/s
Dust: 69 mg/Nm3
Flue gas temperature: 243° C
Negative pressure: 11 Pa
Connection for flue gas exit: Ø 150 mm inside
Connection for combustion air inlet: Ø 100 mm optional
Exit hot air: Only front
Ashtray: No
Maximum log size: 500 cm
Maximum fuel load: 8 kg
Guarantee years: 2

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