ARKE 95 - Kratki


16.5 kw | 83%

The Kratki ARKE 95 is part of the wood burning, built-in, steel fireplace range. This closed-combustion unit has a large glass door that offers a cosy, wide-angle view of the fire. The combustion chamber is unique in that it is lined with Acumotte ceramics. These specialized ceramics intensify the heat and greatly increase the heat output of the unit. Acumotte makes the burning process more efficient and helps maintain the temperature by retaining heat for longer. This well designed and timeless insert fireplace can either be installed in an existing open fireplace or built in from scratch.


Heat output: 16.5kW
Heating Capacity: 240 – 415m3
Strength of materials: Steel with highly refractory ceramic Acumotte
Weight: 154kg
Efficiency: 83%
CO Emissions: 0.1%
Flue pipe diameter: 200mm

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