Italfire installation of Piazzetta Pizza oven

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Italfire installation of Piazzetta Pizza oven

Installation of a Piazzetta Pizza oven by Italfire on a farm in Worcetor, Boland.

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Anyone looking to replicate the rustic look, feel and taste of a classic Italian pizzeria from days gone by will find the brick-style pizza oven your best option. You cannot go wrong with a brick or stone pizza oven. A traditional pizza oven can reach temperatures between 350 and 500 °C. The wood burning pizza oven involves no complicated technology. As a result the same method that has been used for centuries. If you are looking to please anyone who really knows their pizza, a wood-fired Forno Mini Pizza oven really is the way to go.

You can use your Pizza oven to make Pizza, roasts, baked dishes as well as bread. Pizza ovens use high, retained heat to bake your crust to crispy perfection. You achieve the ideal cooking environment as a result of your pizza oven circulating heat and not by the open flame.

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