Apollo 15 - L'Artistico


15.3 kw | 90.8%

Large frontal pellet fireplace. Ideal for decorating the living room, great visual impact for a hypnotic flame due to the double sided braizer for the widest pellet flame on the market. The glass door is 1 meter wide for a modern home. You will not find a more advance pellet fireplace on the market


Class: A
Global 16.8 kW
Nominal 6.9 - 15.3 kW
Efficiency: 90.8 - 93.7 %
Heating capacity: 185- 670 m3
Hopper capacity: 60 Kg
Run time max: 38 h
Exhaust size: 100 mm
Fan speed: 420 mc/h
Weight: 185 Kg

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