Fireplace Maintenance products

Maintanance products are important to prolong the life of your fireplace.

Wipe down your fireplace glass with a glass cleaner specifically made for fireplaces. You don’t want to use a cleaner that may not be safe to use close to a fire.

Use the Fire heart polish to restore and preserve both cast iron and steel fireplaces and stoves. Additionally use internally on the grate and on your baffle plate.

Annual Fireplace Service

In order to ensure a long trouble free life for your fireplace, it must be serviced annually, after a Winter of use or long periods of inactivity. This protects the metals/cast iron of the fireplace and for pellet fireplaces, ensures the motor has a long life.

We encourage clients to book a service during the Summer months as we’ll be able get out to you sooner than during our busy Winter season.

At Italfire we have a dedicated service technician who will give your fireplace the royal treatment. This is not a “spit & polish” service. Our standard service takes around 2 hours (depending on the state of the fireplace) & includes a chimney sweep.

Italfire’s technician treats the metals of your fireplace with an anti-corrosive polish. This polish not only restores the unit (making it look new again) but protects it. Often  we need to use the polish quite liberally (especially on cast iron fireplaces). During the first or second lighting of a fire, the excess oils from the service will burn away causing a hazy smoke.

Booking during Summer will allow you to fire up your unit before Winter and open doors & windows comfortably, should the smell/smoke become unpleasant.

Servicing in wet weather can be messy and service dates can be pushed out due to rain or bad weather – yet another reason to book your service in Summer.

Failing to service your fireplace on an annual basis could cause the following:

  •  For many brands: manufacturers warranties will be voided if proper maintenance is not done on the fireplace as per the manufacturer’s instructions to service one’s unit once a year.
  •  Wear and tear on unit that will shorten lifespan
  •  Exhaust motor failing
  •  Malfunctioning of parts
  •  Chimney fire

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