ECO60w - Fair


5 kw | 91%

The Fair Eco60 is a economical pellet fireplace option made and designed 100% in Italy. This Eco60 pellet fireplace is perfect for small - medium living spaces and medium to large bedrooms. Its beautiful slim design not only look the part in a modern home, but also has been designed to protrude only 250mm into a room to ensure the impact on your floor space is minimal, ensuring your bedroom is not impacted by a bulky appliance protruding 500 - 600 mm into your room.


Class: A
Input 4.8 kW
Output 2.2 - 4.4 kW
Efficiency: 88 - 91 %
Heating capacity: 75- 190 m3
Hopper capacity: 8 Kg
Run time max: 20 h
Exhaust size: 80 mm
Fan speed: 130 mc/h
Dimensions (WxDxH): 520x250x750 mm
Weight: 40 Kg

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