Italfire sells Wood, charcoal, gas braai or BBQ systems. Theses braais take indoor or outdoor cooking to the next level. The quality of this range of Charcoal / wood  BBQs and Gas braai’s is second to none, you will have hours of fun proudly entertaining your guest in front of  these Braais. Everything about this range of Charcoal / wood BBQ’s and Gas Braai’s is expertly designed and manufactured to give you the absolute best outdoor and indoor cooking experience.

Advantages of a Fire & Gas Built-In Braai


  •  Continuous Heat : Unlike a log fireplace, a gas BBQ has constant heat.
  • No Hauling: No need to buy or chop firewood which means you are not harming a tree, which in turn helps the environment.
  •  Easy to Operate: A gas BBQ is easy to turn on and off, just by the the flip of a switch unlike a wood braai that takes time to set up.
  • Environmentally Friendly: The environment benefits nicely from a gas braai because there are no fumes being released into the air, and a sound choice for the future.  Natural Gas exists and is readily available with little work to supply.


  • Wood  is a natural fuel source No nasty binding agents like you find in charcoal.
  • Easy to Light If your Let’s Braai wood is nice and dry, all you need is some tinder and kindling and the strike of a match to get the flame going. You could also use firelighters to make it easier. (You may find it challenging at first, but practice makes perfect. We promise.)
  • Burns longer Wood typically burns longer than charcoal which makes it perfect for grilling a nice big cut of meat. Our African hardwoods can burn for over an hour creating lovely hot coals while charcoal only burns for about a half-hour. It also means you can cook more in one go.
  • Brings the flavour Delicious wood-fire flavour is thanks to the organic compounds released through the aromatic smoke which permeates your meat and veggies on the grill.

If you would prefer a Built in wood braai have a look at our Built-in wood braai